Face Off Season 1

Face Off Season 1

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Face Off is presented as a progressive elimination competition between 12 and 16 make-up artists
Each week, the artists face a "Spotlight Challenge" that tests their artistry and techniques to create a full makeup character to match a theme over the course of 3 days

The first day allows for concept design and sculpting for five hours, a second day of 9½ to 10 hours for work in finishing the molding
And a final day of 4 hours in applying the makeup before a one-hour "Last Look" for touch ups

The judges then have the opportunity to look at the makeups from afar and up close, and decide a series of top and bottom looks for the week
One artist will be deemed the winner, sometimes receiving a special bonus prize such as immunity from elimination or a cash reward, and one artist will be eliminated from the running for the grand prize

Some episodes also feature a "Foundation Challenge", a smaller challenge that introduces a new technique on a smaller scale
And the winner is awarded an advantage for that week's Spotlight Challenge, ranging from immunity from elimination to receiving a first choice of theme

More recent seasons have included a "Gauntlet" challenge, where the artists must complete in three rounds of challenges over two days
With either rounds scored on a point system to determine the winner and loser, or the winners of individual rounds considered safe and do not need to participate in the future rounds