Wynonna Earp Season 1

Wynonna Earp Season 1

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Wynonna Earp, the outcast great-great-granddaughter of legendary lawman Wyatt Earp
Battles demons and other supernatural beings that inhabit the Ghost River Triangle, a cursed territory near the Canadian Rockies that includes Purgatory, her home town

Upon her 27th birthday, Wynonna inherited the power to use her ancestor's 16-inch barrel special "Peacemaker" revolver
With Peacemaker, together with a close circle of allies centered on her younger sister Waverly, she is the only one that can bring the paranormal evil to justice

Her primary foes are revenants, outlaws executed by Wyatt Earp who revive with the death of the previous Earp heir
In Wynonna's case, she inherited the position from her father Ward, who was accidentally killed by a teenage Wynonna during a revenant attack

The first season centers on the threat posed by Bobo Del Ray, the leader of the local revenants
Alongside Bobo is a woman revealed to be Willa Earp, Wynonna's elder sister who was believed dead

Initially set up to resume her position as the true heir, Willa is too corrupted and the season finale sees Wynonna executing Bobo and mercy-killing Willa, resuming the position of undisputed heir
Over the course of the season, Waverly also realizes and then acts on her attraction to a local police officer, Nicole Haught