The Flash 2014 Season 4

The Flash 2014 Season 4

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Iris has been aiding Team Flash in Central City for six months, but refuses to grieve Barry
A flying samurai with superpowers appears in Central City, threatening to destroy the city if the real Flash does not face him

Cisco reveals he has formulated a way to bring back Barry without destabilizing the Speed Force and tracks down Caitlin for help, but is forbidden by Iris to bring Barry back
Against Iris' orders, Team Flash successfully returns Barry, who rambles random statements and continually writes symbols on the walls

Wally engages the samurai, but is defeated
Cisco deciphers Barry's writings and finds an apparently meaningless sentence

In an attempt to recover Barry's memories, Iris gives herself up to the samurai
The plan works and Barry speeds away, rescuing Iris and defeating the samurai, who is revealed to be an android

Caitlin rejoins Team Flash, but is revealed to have been working for a mobster called Amunet Black, while also continuing to prevent the Killer Frost personality from emerging
The "Samuroid" is revealed to have been controlled by a supremely intelligent man in a superpowered wheelchair, whose plan was to draw out the Flash for his next schemes


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