Blindspot Season 3

Blindspot Season 3

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Flashbacks reveal that Jane and Weller married and began a family life in Colorado, but were attacked by assassins seeking to collect a bounty on Jane
Jane goes into hiding to protect Weller

It is revealed Zapata joined the CIA, Reade is head of the NYO, and Patterson now works in the tech industry
The three of them were kidnapped by Venezuelan soldiers who demand that Patterson decrypt a CIA computer

In the present day, Weller reunites with Jane, discovering that she is covered with new bioluminescent tattoos, one of which leads them to Venice
They battle Roman, who is responsible for the new tattoos

Weller helps Jane fake her death in order to get the bounty on her head lifted
Zapata, Reade, and Patterson escape and are rescued by Jane and Weller

The FBI and CIA create a joint task force to deal with Roman and the new tattoos, reuniting Weller's old team
Zapata mentions a mysterious dragonfly tattoo to Keaton, which she wants to keep secret; Jane conceals a stash of money and passports from Weller

It is revealed Patterson has secretly been in contact with Rich Dotcom, who now works for the FBI
Weller is accosted by Roman, who threatens to tell Jane "what happened in Berlin" unless Weller does as he demands