Blindspot Season 4

Blindspot Season 4

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On a mission in Tokyo, the team retrieves one of Roman's data caches revealed by the necklace he gave to Jane before dying
The data reveals that the ZIP poisoning in Jane's body is slowly killing her
And some symptoms start showing up as she hallucinates Roman, who encourages her to take down the FBI

Jane contacts with former Sandstorm operative Dolan Osmond and devises a plan to trigger a tattoo case that leads the team on the hunt for a criminal bank
Jane uses the mission to steal some money to fund the resurgence of Sandstorm

Dolan's cell phone is tracked down by the FBI and a car chase ensues, in which he later dies
Jane's interactions with Dolan have alerted the team that there is another active Sandstorm operative out there, whom they don't know is Jane herself
Roman appears as a hallucination again, and makes her promise that she will find a cure for her poisoning and kill Weller to avenge the many deaths of Sandstorm members

Meanwhile, Zapata is in Zurich with Blake, who is trying to gain control over her father's company in a board meeting
Board member Madeline Burke poisons the entire board, including Blake, and takes over the company, but spares Zapata's life as she sees her as a useful asset