True Blood Season 2

True Blood Season 2

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The second season loosely follows the plot of the second novel of The Southern Vampire Mysteries, Living Dead in Dallas
In addition, the character of Sophie-Anne Leclerq, initially introduced in the sixth novel Definitely Dead, was introduced as a major supporting character

The main theme of the season involves the disappearance of Godric, the 2,000-year-old vampire Sheriff of Area 9
Eric enlists Sookie and Bill's aid in finding the ancient vampire in Dallas

Their paths cross Jason's as he seeks to discover meaning in his life with the Fellowship of the Sun, a church dedicated to anti-vampire activities
A second theme concerns a maenad named Maryann who visits Bon Temps after Tara attracts her attention at the end of the first season

Maryann is a figure from Sam's past and knows his true identity as a shapeshifter. Her influence on the town and its residents results in mayhem that grows more destructive as the season progresses
At the end of the season, Bill proposes to Sookie, but is kidnapped by unknown assailants when Sookie retreats to the bathroom to consider his proposal.